Our History

From the Beginning

The Fillet of Cheddar - Kilmeadan

The story of Ireland's no.1 Branded Cheese Block began in 1965 in the town of Kilmeaden, County Waterford. Made to a unique, locally sourced traditional recipe, Kilmeaden began life as a small 'Cottage Industry' cheese sold locally to farmers and company employees from a staff shop.

Such was its popularity it became available Nationwide in 1974 and is now one of Ireland's longest established and most popular brands.

From numerous National & International Cheese Industry Awards to some of Ireland's favourite advertising, the history of Kilmeaden is a rich and interesting tale.

Scroll along our interactive timeline to learn all about Kilmeaden, the Fillet of Cheddar.

Kilmeaden History Timeline
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Award Winning Kilmeaden Cheese

At Kilmeaden we pride ourselves on our heritage & dedication to the cheese making craft, we are always delighted to win awards that acknowledge that hard work and commitment.

Silver Award

Awarded in 2005 for Best Irish Cheddar.

Gold Award

Awarded in 2009 for Best Irish Cheddar.

World Award 2011

Awarded in 2007.

World Award 2010

Awarded in 2008.