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Cheesey Good Enchiladas

Cheesey Good Enchiladas
  • Prep Time 30 minutes to make Print This
  • Serves Serves 4
  • Quote Submission and comment by Nicole Bartley

Oven cooked chicken enchiladas covered in grated Kilmeaden cheese



  • Chicken breasts x3
  • Tortilla wraps x2
  • 100g rice
  • Sachet of taco mix
  • Tomato puree
  • x1 bell pepper
  • x1 tin of kidney beans
  • x1 onion
  • x1 tbsp veg oil
  • Half a block of cheese, grated.


How to make it

Place rice in pot filled with boiling water

Cook till just tender and drain

  1. Chop chicken and veg
  2. Add to pan with 1tbsp of oil, fry till cooked
  3. Mix taco mix and tomato puree together with 200ml water
  4. Mix together and add 3/4 of liquid to the pan
  5. Add cooked rice to pan and mix well
  6. Add 1/4 of grated cheese to pan, allow to melt
  7. Seperate mix into 8 tortilla wraps
  8. Wrap each one and place in oven dish and empty rest of liquid on top of wraps along with cheese
  9. Place in oven for 15mins
  10. Remove and enjoy!Optional sour cream once dished out



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